The Douglas Company

200 E. Robinson Street, Suite 400
Orlando, FL 32801

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Company Description:

The Douglas Company is a General Contractor/Construction Management firm with the perfect combination of expertise, ingenuity and talent required to fulfill all of your senior healthcare new construction and renovation needs. Our commitment to excellence, cost control, budget limitations and deadlines has allowed us to take on projects at a national level for over 35 years and in Florida for nearly 30 years.

We are driven by our clients' needs and our promise to provide dynamic development planning services, leadership throughout the entire planning/construction process, the best price solution, and your peace of mind.

Our 3D Process allows us to create great projects, and serves as the cornerstone of our long-term relationship with clients. After all, Direction and Detail make a Difference.

We set ourselves apart from others in the industry by leading intentionally, building from our strengths and helping you to succeed on your own terms. It’s a process, a promise and a plan, all rolled into one. If you're even considering building or renovating a senior living or senior healthcare facility, contact The Douglas Company now. 

The sooner we talk, the more money we may be able to save you.

Architectural/Engineering/Contracting Services
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