Platinum Benefits Services, Inc

P.O. Box 8087
Lakeland, FL 33802

Phone: View Phone Number863-838-5802

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Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. (Platinum), specializes in processing Medicaid LTC applications for corporate nursing home structures, regional structures, individual facilities and families to swiftly obtain correct approvals allowing for prompt payment to the facility. Since 1996, Platinum has helped thousands of families qualify for benefits and has also recovered tens of millions in accounts receivables for Skilled Nursing Facilities. This history has earned Platinum the reputation as the “Processing Professionals”. Partnering with Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. will get you paid quickly!


Platinum has a personnel infrastructure with breadth and depth of experience, providing a proven systemic approach to successful practices that will dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, Medicaid write-offs, all while allowing for a more robust census.


Platinum understands the importance of communication and was the first in our industry to offer weekly status reporting. Further, Platinum provides access to real time case status through our encrypted, HIPAA compliant web portal. Platinum also provides multiple tailored reports for managing volume on a corporate level and also detailed reports on a regional and facility level. This enhanced reporting ensures optimal effectiveness by quickly identifying any weaknesses in the process. These reports are available at the facility, regional, and corporate levels and can be further tailored to the specifications of the institutional client.

Platinum is the first company to successfully process, report on, complete, and enhance Medicaid application processing for corporate structures. Other processing companies have obtained processing agreements without having the experience, robust and customized technology, training, commitment to a process, and commitment to excellence. Unfortunately, the outcome has been less than optimal, often ending in a more difficult Medicaid pending quagmire. Platinum has grown by reputation and continues to grow at a manageable pace to continue the assurance of quality service and long relationships.

Platinum understands the importance of HIPAA compliance, Starke Act compliance, Anti-Kickback compliance, and Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL) compliance. Platinum adheres to policies and procedures to comply with these and all other applicable rules.

If your organization has an interest in dramatically reducing bad debt write off from its bottom line, increasing top line revenue with increased census, having a global view of its Medicaid pending, a detailed view of each Medicaid case, great communication and flow of information, the ability to quickly identify what facilities have Medicaid pending problems, identify why those problems exist, and how to fix those problems, have robust quality checks and reporting for 3008 and PASRR documentation to eliminate recovery from audits, have a real partner in obtaining Medicaid approvals, and more; contact Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. to discover real solutions your bottom line!

Finally, all of the above and more can be accomplished at a dramatically lower expense than most organizations’ Medicaid pending write-off “budget” alone. Call today!

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